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A: How to publish a FREE Advertisement

1) Click 'Post a FREE Ad' link on the main menu.

2) Fill all details.*

3) Attach pictures if any.

4) Click 'Publish' button.

* Make sure you give a valid email address. why?

B: Why you need to give a valid email address?

Because, when you publish an ad, we send an email to that email address, saying how to delete your ad. If you want to delete your ad someday, you need to follow the instructions in that email.

C: How to remove your Advertisement

1) When you publish an ad, we send an email to given email address. Follow instruction in it to remove your ad.

2) If you can't find the email we sent, send an email to us with the link of your ad. We will remove the ad for you. But there can be a delay. (So we recommend option 1 always)

D: How to advertise in our website banner (paid/business ads)

1) Please go here.

2) Send an email to admin@phonekade.com for more details.


1) When you buy a phone from an posted ad, please buy it at your own risk. Make sure that devices you buy are in quality as mentioned in the ad, before buy it.

2) The sole intention of this website is to make mobile sellers and buyers meet each other, and our website does not take any responsibility of posted ads or devices.

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